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The validVal-plugin was built using the jQuery-library.
It is dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.


  • version 5.0
    1. Completely rewrote to object oriented class.
    2. Simplified a lot of code.
    3. Removed classes configuration object.
    4. Removed debug configuration option.

  • version 4.4
    1. Added debugger script.
    2. Enabled showing a placeholder value for an <input type="password" />.

  • version 4.3
    1. Enabled preserving native browser support for placeholder-value.
    2. Added validation "validationgroup".
    3. Added "isValid"-custom event to get or set a field valid/invalid.
    4. Added "selectPlaceholder"-option to globally specify the <option> for the placeholder.
    5. Added "data-vv-placeholder-nuber" attribute to locally specify the <option> for the placeholder.
    6. Added "debug"-argument to log usefull information to the console.
    7. Improved "requiredgroup"-validation.
    8. Changed classname for "requiredgroup"-validation from "required:name" to "requiredgroup:name".
    9. Improved "corresponding"-validation.
    10. Added browser support constants "touch" and "placeholder" in "$".

  • version 4.2
    1. Fixed some small bugs.
    2. Changed default valid- and invalid-handlers: Invalid-class will be added added to the parent element of any invalid field.
    3. Added "validate" custom event to the form.
    4. Changed "validate.hiddenFields" and "validate.disabledFields" options to "validate.fields.hidden" and "validate.fields.disabled".
    5. Added "validate.fields.filter" option to filter the fields that should be validated.

  • version 4.1
    1. Changed array argument passed to the form.onInvalid callback function to a jQuery object.
    2. Added "addValidation" and "removeValidation" custom events to fields.

  • version 4.0
    1. Improved support for HTML5 data-attributes.
    2. Improved the usage of classnames.
    3. Added support for serverside validations.
    4. Changed names of callback function.
    5. Removed the usage of the alt-attribute.
    6. Replaced "submitform" and "resetform" public methods for "submitForm" and "resetForm" custom events.
    7. Improved pattern validation to HTML5 specifications.
    8. Added "keepAttributes" option to specify the HTML5 attributes to not remove from the markup.

  • version 3.0
    1. Changed parameters for callback functions.

  • version 2.4
    1. Added prefixed error message in Spanish (es).
    2. Added "url" and "pattern".
    3. Added option to add fields after firing the plugin.
    4. Added onSubmit and onReset callback functions.

  • version 2.3
    1. Fixed problem with placeholder value after page-reload.

  • version 2.2
    1. Performance improvements (thanks to Ryan Henson).
    2. Added option to not test for HTML5 (to improve performance).

  • version 2.1
    1. Added validate.onKeyup.

  • version 2.0
    1. Added support for HTML5 attributes and type-values.
    2. Changed classnames to match HTML5 attributes.
    3. Added validate.hiddenFields and validate.disabledFields.
    4. Changed validate.onBlur and validate.onSubmit options.

  • version 1.2
    1. Changed order of parameters for the callback-functions.
    2. Changed names of the callback-functions.
    3. Added options validateOnBlur and validateOnSubmit.

  • version 1.1
    1. Required radio-buttons and checkboxes enabled.
    2. Added option to import custom validtions.
    3. "invalid" Class also applied to the parent-elements of an checkbox or radio-button.

  • version 1.0
    1. Added "autotabbing".

  • version 0.0
    1. Released the plugin.
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